Stomach Ache Collection

by eli aranda

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medicine through trial and error. a detox of emotions. get the album that's being called "an emotional cornucopia! a veritable smorgasbord of bared feelings".

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released August 12, 2012

this album would not be possible without the continual support and love from my friends jayden and scott and london

the cover art is by the lovely scott mcgough




eli aranda Portland, Oregon

i write about important things, especially the unimportant things

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Track Name: Passive Aggressive
oh he left you
and you'd love to be a mess
but you're not
you're in love with bouncing all his checks
and i told you,
oh i told you so
that you're a bitter execution
of a memory you stole off some bastard that you barely knew

you pray to yourself when you know everyone is watching
what kind of person does shit like that
i'd love to know

oh you tell everyone he broke you apart
but we both know he didnt
you were just passive aggressive
with your hostile i love you too
and i told you
oh i told you so
so many fucking times i told you so
that you're the most beautifully messed up person i've ever met

you pray to yourself when you know everyone is watching (doot doot doo)
what kind of person does shit like that
i'd love to know (doot doot doo)
Track Name: Growing Up
I never said sorry
for stealing your car keys
but neither did you for ignoring me when
you were with your friends

keep asking where i hid your shit
but you'll never find it
i gutted your bible hid them inside it

under the cherry tree in your backyard
the place where your mother had a heart attack
tin can with a string and a superman
all your memories

keep asking where i hid your shit
but you'll never find it
i gutted your bible hid them inside it

all my memories await
the day that they will be erased
all my memories await
that thing you call growing up
Track Name: Hospi
slowly find a way to break your bones
old things are fragile don't you know

all our precious useless words
go away once we get hurt

i'll say things that i should sing
your cheeks are red and trembling

hospitals always made you kick
i try to speak but i get sick

and you hear what you need to hear
Track Name: Different
how many different days will it take
how many different ways can i shake your eyes up
how many different words can i make with the same four letters
how many different ways can i take everything we love so much
and put it back together
better than you put yourself together
if you would just put yourself together
i wouldnt have to write this song

how many different times can i take
everything sharp away from you
before you get the message of what you should and should not do
how many different nights awake will i have to mark on the calander
before you appreciate
all the things i threw away
just to make sure you were okay

and if my heart fell out of my mouth
forgive me forgive me forgive me forgive me forgive me
for losing control
Track Name: Way Down
i've been waiting for a day when the sun blows up
i've been waiting for a day when my skin clears up

i'm on the high ground
waiting for the low sound
coming up around your smile
no ground zero
no super hero
coming up to save me now...

you're all alone now all alone with your head
you keep sayng one day i'm gonna find you dead

i'm on the way down
big crash, small sound
nobody even mourns
no real loss there
bad smile, far stare
he was on the way way down
Track Name: Safe Sailors Pt. 1
i overheard you just last night
coughing to yourself about a dream
you had when you were a kid
well pardon dear, my surprise
you've never once looked me in the eyes to say
'i hold all my regrets so near'

all the people deep downtown
throwing a fit something about
brave and strapping, tall young men
doing every single thing they can
to keep away the waves
Oh yeah
Track Name: Big Kids
hey farmer please mind your flock
i know you hate the spotlight
but we're coming to knock on your door

i know you think you're lower than us
but we've been raising you up
so won't you lead us out of here

we'll knock you down
push you around
you'll be dogmeat when we're through with you

oh kid you seem to mess me up
but i can't get enough
of never looking down

oh boy don't hesitate
just self medicate
and we won't let them out

we'll push you down
knock you around
you'll be dogmeat when we're through with you
Track Name: Thrown Away
train tracks going down i 85
there's no real reason to hide yourself
even though you hide yourself so well

and everyones looking at me like i'm different
but i'm exactly who they made me to be

and i said hey you've known me a long time
and you never asked me my name why is that do you think im someone else

and everyones looking at me like i was born to die
and i guess that i was born to die

i dont know anythig else

train tracks speeding down i 85
and i said ive got time to kill
she said thats good cause i got pills
and i said pass em around

i think that we're all here for the exact same reason
are we here for the same reason?
i think we're all here cause we've thrown away

cause we were thrown away

and if you're listening
she had a silver cross around her neck
and i said do you understand the joke
and she just laughed and lit another cigarette
and i said theres no need to cry
and she said thats rain
and i said thats a lie
and she said fine
and i said fine
and there's no need for anyone to die
Track Name: Safe Sailors Pt. 2
calling out to the distance
almost ships off the shore
worker ants pass by shrugging
greater loads than i've bore

you should see me!
never ceasing to question every move that's been made
a nearly drowned daughter
does she even care that she's saved

and year can almost seem instant
i spent trapped in my head
i could write you a novel
from just a word that you said

and so i man my station
begging you for some sign
for some miserable nothing
that these old bones can rely

how tired our hearts must all become
from the feelings we vomit to the sound of a gun
and i have never seen something more disgusting
than that smug look up on your face

i know its helpless but humor my despair
ships never come closer
they might as well not be there
Track Name: Hardly
it's time to sleep
but i didnt get to say goodnight
if you had to leave
couldn't i at least go outside

and wave you away
with a smile on your face
cold and afraid
cold and afraid..

it's almost night
but the phone won't stop ringing all the time
i hardly know anyone anymore
and now i'm alone

i'll wave you away
with a frown on my face
cold and afraid
cold and afraid