From Below

by eli aranda

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from below things from a long time ago


released November 29, 2012

jayden and london and scott for being real good friends




eli aranda Portland, Oregon

i write about important things, especially the unimportant things

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Track Name: Seen Colawn
she's spaced out and she stares
at the homemade repairs
dougy, or bobby made last spring

she's as limp as a doll
and her voice is a bird call
and he hears sweetie take me down,
i want you to drown me
i want it bad

but we're not coming around
i've seen the way your brother stares
and he stares too long
i want him gone

she says she's mad
but her lip, starts to drag
and the spit collects as the hands begin to move

like a clock he will tick
as the fastening slips
and the jeans drop to the floor
i've never loved anyone more
you know it's true

oh baby you're as young as tomorrow
and this won't hurt
darling i'm the best in the whole world
i'll be gentle, i know i'm your first
Track Name: We Never Did Get Around To Blowjobs
i'd like to send a few words your way
the last batch got cold and wet
and eaten by raccoons in the rain

i know when we've been down this road
and back again and down it and it always ends the same
old school anger and half-faked tears

i'd like to kiss you on the mouth
i'd like to chart the shapes of all your teeth
i'd like to hear the running water
deep inside your skin

when i look into the future
i see you sitting in my lap
and playing with my hair and pulling on my hair
saying imagine that imagine that

i'd like to kiss you on the mouth
i'd like to rip you open and crawl inside
i'd like to feed you to a fire
and i'd like to die
Track Name: Codeine
(this is called tribute song,
and i dedicate this to all the athletes out there,
and yeah we all learn to keep our mouths shut,
because what’s better than the presidential medal
and a nice firm gut)

we’ve been waiting
we’re the codeine kids
put me in coach
put me in coach

i’ll be perfect
and i’ll sing for you
should i be nude
should i be nude

i’ve been waiting
i’m a codeine kid
am i doing okay
am i doing okay

sit still for once
don’t make a sound
i’ll be on top
i’ll be your ground
i’ll give you everything they never did

and i did everything
i did everything just for you
i made sure about it
i made sure i never left a single clue
and i know deep down inside the hall
that’s it all my fault
i should have never cared so much
i should have never let you touch
we’ve been waiting
we’re the codeine kids
we’ve been waiting for your pills again
we’ve been waiting on the magic words
we’ve been waiting on your special fingers